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  2018 in a nutshell
is it too late to do a year recap?
oh well, better late than never.

so hello! it is april of 2019 and here i am very much alive (probably), TYPING UP A POST, a very inexcusable thing to do after abandoning this blog for ever. a post about the past year in a nutshell? benita, get out of here.
but no here i am so here we go!

when i thought of 2018, honestly you guys, i don't remember much of it HAHAHA. so i had to really dig deep into my vsco and archived posts&stories on instagram and twitter to pretty much remember what i did last year. bOI it was a lot of work so someone better be reading this shit. other than me or my mum. SO!

reuniting with old pals
i started the year off by reuniting with fellow high school fam and went to a theme park! i probably will probably write about this if i ever feel like doing a huge throwback LOL but anyway it was a pretty rad way to start off the year.

friends who come and go.
as i approached the end of my 2nd year and the beginning of my 3rd year in uni, i have said both goodbye and hello to old and new friends i've gained along the year. naturally it was sad having to close a chapter but it was inevitable. upon entering a new chapter, i found it hard to adjust to everything that changed but slowly got up to my own feet again. so here's to my friendship circles, old and new.

yummy food????
needless to say, a huge part of my 2018 was the food!!!!! ALL!! THE!!! FOOD!!!!! that's all.

and finally, 2018 was the year i turned 20. time caught up to me and took away my title of being a teenager. it was harrowing in a way as i felt like i was shoved around and forced to become and adult and be more responsible towards more shit, but to this day i still have the mind and soul of a 12 year old so ummmmm. how's 20 going? not so great thanku very much!!!!

fun fact: why did i start writing again? well my pal, a good friend of mine told me to write on my blog again and i suddenly remembered that i actually HAVE a blog so here i am. if you ever want me to do something, just tell me lol i will probably do it (just like how my friend told me to blog again).

and with that, let's end this post. twas fun writing this, might write again someday, might not, who knows, maybe you'll see me in a few months or even days, or maybe you'll see me in a few years. point is, who knows, certainly not you, or me. wow that had a lot of commas, didn't it, lol,,,,,,,,

see you when i see you!

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  Suroboyo Carnival ft kuy squad
been a while! as always
here i am with a long overdue post about that time i went to an amusement park with my group of uni friends! leggo.

the amusement park was located out of town so we departed at around 10am and got to our hotel at around 12-1pm. we initially already booked a place but for some reason it wasn't up to our standards so for like a good half hour we just wandered around looking for hotels nearby the place we booked. luckily enough there was a super decent hotel right across the road! so we all got in our room and just lazed around until it was time to go out.

we headed out at around 4-5pm and got dinner by the train station and got uber to the amusement park shortly after our stomachs were full. but the traffic wow goddamn it took us 2 hours to get there when it could've taken us half an hour LOL. nonetheless we got there anyway, bought tickets and headed in!

we rode on this ferris wheel and can i just say that that time was my first time in f o r e v e r riding a ferris wheel?! it was huge so it took us pretty high.

i took this opportunity to also ride my first ever roller coaster HAHAHA. i haven't been to an amusement park in sooo long so the last time i did i was still smol and scared of going on them. but i did it! it was thrilling and i was laughing for a good 5 minutes after the ride LOL.

after we went on all the possible and interesting rides, we headed into an area where you can just take pictures. there were paintings on the walls, statues, perspective-3D photo spots etc.

i took this chance to bring my polaroid so we took a few shots! unfortunately i hadn't learnt about the basic operations of a polaroid (instax) so the shots turned out quite dark. i legit learned everything right after we left from the park. how depressing.

we got another uber back to our hotel but wandered around to eat dinner (v v v late dinner as it was like midnight). we got back to our hotel at around 1am and all fell asleep by 2am. twas a good day.

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  sendiki ft uni squad
back at it again with another post!
so around december last year me and some of my uni classmates went to the beach together! fun fact: i actually sneaked out for this lmao kids don't try this at home i am a bad bad bad influence for everyone. this specific beach is called Sendiki and second fun fact: is one i've been to when i had a class photoshoot in year 12! let's go.
warning: will probably be longer than my usual shit entries.

me sneaking out was all possible because i was conveniently left home alone on thursday, friday + the weekends as we planned to go on the saturday, leaving sunday to rest. upon hearing that i was already home alone on thursday, my uni close mates decided to crash my place for the night and it was probably the best night i've ever had the pleasure of going through up to that point of my life. it was friday the next day and we didn't have class until late arvo so we literally just lazed around blasting music watching endless movies and eating junk until it was time for class, which we attended together (oh the feels omg i love my friends sm). then we all went to our individual homes to pack for the beach trip and agreed to meet up back at my place. a friend decided to prank us though, the lil shit. she suddenly told us she couldn't go bc her brother and parents were mad at her but next minute she showed up on my doorstep lmao. at around 10-11pm we all headed to a meeting point where we gathered with the rest of our classmates and headed off to a friend's place to eat hehe.

while we were at my friend's place we passed midnight and it so happened to be one of my close friend's birthday! we got a fellow friend to go buy candles (literally the ones you use when you have a blackout lol) and lit them to surprise her! i know it's not much but at least we celebrated her birthday at the stroke of midnight hehe. after that it was safe for the rest of us to continue our journey to the beach! let's go.

we left at around 1am and boy did a lot of things happen on the way. to start off there was a total of 24 people which meant 12 motorbikes all lined up so it was truly inevitable that a few of us would get left behind so far LOL. the ones leading the way had to stop a couple of times for the few left behind to catch up, or we would honk each other if we wanted them to stop to the side of the road or just slow down. it was all teamwork, really, and i couldn't be happier to witness something so moving (yes i found that moving stfu). there was a time when we went through the woods and the air suddenly became ominously warm and i pointed it out to the guy i was with when suddenly i heard honks and next thing i knew there were two people who fell from their motorbike in the middle of the road. naturally we all stopped and helped them get up and dust off while asking what happened and how they fell. that whole situation and chronology felt iffy because 1-the air suddenly became warm and we were in the middle of a forest; 2-the guy who drove the fallen motorbike had no idea how he fell because he was sure he hadn't lost his balance a tiny bit; 3-the direction in which his motorbike fell was somehow facing towards the forest (as though something made them head to the forest) and that itself is already creepy considering how they fell on a U turn and if anything the motorbike should've faced towards the road, not the opposite direction; 4-we felt like the driver wasn't himself until he was able to get up by himself (which took quite some time coz i imagine he was shocked and couldn't move off the middle of the road); 5-how my friend noticed that there was a lit up house near the U turn but after the incident the lights were turned off so the whole atmosphere became pitch black. but anyways, this is about the beach trip not the supernatural forces of a forest in the middle of nowhere haha let's carry on.

nearing the beach, we had to go through shit rocky-muddy off-road (that would've been perfectly fine if it weren't for the rain the day before) and most of our motorbikes couldn't handle going through such a road LOL. the girls all had to get off and walk along the mud, being careful so to not slip and fall; and the guys all helped each other with their motorbikes which were stuck in a pool of mud occasionally. to the sides of the road were giant rice fields and about 2-3 bikes actually entered the rice field because of a wrong turn and a slippery mud. some bikes even flipped 180 degrees and made the guys legit fall to the rice field lmao. it was entertaining to watch but it must've been v stressful to the guys, soz. it was also about 3-4am by this point and at one point i looked up at the sky and it was sooo full of stars!!! so breathtaking. how contradictory to what we were going through at that moment haha.

aaand so after several long hours of rough 1-2km of off-road muddyness, we've finally reached the beach! also just in time for the sunrise.

the beach was somehow different to what it looked like the last time i went (a year prior) and the sea water wasn't as blue as it was. now that i think about it, it must've been because i visited in midday (sun's up and no clouds were seen) and it was around october (dry season) whereas this time it was early in the morning and during the rainy season. but no matter, everything still looked beautiful as ever! there weren't a lot of people either so that was a bonus point.

we ended up heading back at around 10-11am and i got home at 3pm-ish. brought 2 of my friends along with me to my place where we all fell asleep right when we stepped in the house lol we were exhausted to the core, twas a long night-day and we haven't slept at all. cheers to us though!

the next school day, however, everyone was in pain.

worth it.

next up - suroboyo carnival!

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